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We started The Woodbridge Vets to get out from under a system that prioritises profits over pets. In our experience, the corporate model takes autonomy away from vets and nurses who have spent their entire training learning how to be problem solvers. And, over enough years, it ultimately robs them of their love for the industry itself.

It’s a shame – because it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re taking a different path. We’re building fairness, respect, empathy and team spirit into our ethos at The Woodbridge Vets.

We understand how tough it is to work in a busy clinic; we believe people should be rewarded for the effort they put in as well as the hours. Our partnership model means everyone at The Woodbridge Vets has a share in the success of the business – from the receptionists who answer the phone to the vets responsible for carrying out our operations – so we’re all motivated to deliver an exceptional customer service. 

Current Roles available 

- Head Nurse - Applications close 8th September 2023.

- RVN - Applications close 1st October 2023.

Please apply below for a completely confidential conversation or drop us an email. 

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Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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