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Allowing enough time to build relationships with clients is an investment that fewer and fewer practices are able to make.

The truth is, a 10-minute consultation isn’t long enough to form a genuine connection or properly discuss an owner's concerns. It’s barely enough time for a clinical examination. Yet this impersonal “one in, one out” approach has become the norm in our industry. Veterinary healthcare is increasingly being treated like a conveyor belt – but pets are not cars or burgers, and the vets who care for them are not working a production line.

At The Woodbridge Vets, we don’t see small talk as a fleeting moment that happens at the front desk on the way out – we see it as integral to medical care. We make the time for conversation because taking an interest in you and your pet is the only way to deliver a personalised service.

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Same Vet Promise

Taking inspiration from traditional GP surgeries where people would see the same doctor for years, each of our clients will have a regular “nominated vet” for appointments. As well as being a familiar face, this means there’s always someone at The Woodbridge Vets whose personal responsibility it is to know everything about them and their pet.

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At The Woodbridge Vets, we are an independent clinic so you’re never far from the person who can make the decisions. Unlike a practice with high turnover and temporary staff, we actually know the answers to your questions. We know our prices, what’s in stock and who’s available when.

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